#53 - PlayME - Essay on Consent By Rose Napoli

November 3, 2017

Essay: That time I wrote a play about consent and didn't know it

By Rose Napoli


Rose Napoli's play, Lo (or Dear Mr. Wells) is running at Crow's Theatre in Toronto Canada from Oct. 25 - Nov. 11 as part of Nightwood Theatre's Consent Event.

Episode 53 of PlayME features a recording of Rose's essay on consent inspired by this production.


You can listen to the archived audio version of Lo (or Dear Mr. Wells) at http://www.playmepodcast.com/lo-or-dear-mr-brown-by-rose-napoli/

You can by tickets to the theatre production at http://www.nightwoodtheatre.net/index.php/whats_on/lo_or_dear_mr._wells