#75 - PlayME - Philosopher’s Wife - Episode 3

September 5, 2018

The Philosopher's Wife 

By Susanna Fournier


Featuring: Keith Barker, Aviva Armour-Ostroff, Chala Hunter, and Ishan Davé.

Deep in the North, a philosopher, exiled for promoting his atheist work amidst a bloody religious war, knows his theories can ignite a revolution. He wants nothing more than to return to the City, join the young Prince on the verge of inheriting political power, and usher in a new age of Reason. There’s only one thing holding him back; his personal life has collapsed into chaos. In a desperate attempt to cure his wife’s inexplicable, animalistic behaviour he hires a dog trainer. What begins as an experiment in canine obedience erupts into a power struggle between the sexes--unleashing violent reckonings with the animal within. The Philosopher’s Wife, is a modern gothic subverting notions of education, sex, power, and submission.  

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